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Vinska klet Zlati grič

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 Our wine cellar boasts one of the most modern wine cellars in the region, a golf course among vineyards, apartments in the 15th century Wine grower’s mansion and an excellent culinary offer at Restaurant Grič.

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Take a look at contemporary architecture and pamper yourself with our wines.

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Explore the vineyards and a cultural monument – the Wine grower’s mansion.

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Taste the freshly prepared culinary offer of Gostilna Grič.

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Check out and taste our quality and premium wines.

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Tour of the wine cellar


In the middle of our vineyards is one of the most modern wine cellars. The subterranean building is 3.500 m2 big and has a capacity of 1.3 million litres. With its green roofing and only a few visible parts it is nicely incorporated into the existing wine growing landscape.  Our basic approach to wine making is to preserve the taste and aroma of the grapes with as little as possible technological measures.

During the tours we show our technological processes, present the main characteristics of our wines and inspire our guests to stop by at our shop.

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Konjiška penina


sparkling wine

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Wine grower's

The Wine grower’s mansion lies on a dominant location close to the wine cellar and the restaurant. It offers 3 superb holiday apartments. The building from the 15th century is a protected heritage site and the main landmark of our company.The spacious and carefully furnished apartments have a category of 3*. Visitors will notice that the whole comfort of the mansion cannot compete with the views on the vineyards, golf course and cellar. The complimentary bottle of sparkling wine, waiting upon arrival, is rounding up a perfect stay.[trx_button style=”border” style_color=”light” size=”large” icon=”icon-arrow” link=”/wine-growers-mansion/” bottom=”huge”]MORE[/trx_button]


Just above the wine cellar and the golf course the Restaurant Grič is situated. The restaurant began as a wine tavern and it developed into one of the culinary
treats among restaurants in the broader region. The culinary wine stories are perfectly supplemented through wonderful views on the vineyards, which guests can enjoy from each table.

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Within the idyllic surroundings of the vineyards of Škalce a golf course with 9 holes is situated. Due to its natural characteristics the course is very distinctive and surrounded by vineyards. The round offers various water hazards and trees, fairways and greens are superbly manicured and maintained the whole time. As the area is highly diverse and the holes are narrow, players need to be very precise and this makes the course a real challenge, even for the most experienced golfers. The course is usually open from March till November.

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charterhouse Žiče

A place where time stops, and nature speaks. Already in 1467, wine from the monastery was served at “Gastuž”, which is now the oldest inn in Slovenia. The wine was stored in the vaulted cellars of Žiče charterhouse. Due to the thick stone walls, which guarantee a constant temperature throughout the year, we are using this cellar for ripening 60,000 bottles of our white and rosé sparkling wines.

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